Vanishing TrickI listened to some nice tracks by Vanishing Trick in the past. Only just discovered "Vanishing Trick - When The Sky Is Falling" on my harddisk.

Last February the Watching Dawn in The Secret Garden EP was released by The Calico Sequence (=Ed Clark, a 22 year old Design Student from Norwich (UK)). All tracks were created between December 2003 & September 2004 and recorded in his room with a heap of instruments and an Apple Mac.

'Seven Nation Army', The White Stripes classic, is covered by The Flaming
Lips, recorded especially for their forthcoming compilation CD
'LateNightTales'. A limited edition release of the single of just 100 copies are available,
but only via

Humanworkshop #1Recently I bought Humanworkshop #1, a compilation album (first release of the dutch Humanworkshop Records) which features 14 tracks by Leisure-B, Remus and BASIC.

Listen to 4 tracks of the new Wagon Christ single, just released on Ninja Tune. It's available on 12" vinyl (ZEN12153) and CD-single (ZENCDS153, this one has an extra track: the Quicktime video of Shadows)

Hexstatic made a brand new album/DVD 'Master View' [ZENCD92/ZEN92] which will be released on November 30th. Here you can hear & see 5 tracks/clips in advance.


A brand new Late Night Tales selection from Four Tet will be released on 11 October 2004 by Azuli Records. Here you can hear 4 tracks, including Four Tet's own interpretation of Jimi Hendrix's 'Castles Made Of Sand'.



The Adventures of the Lactating Man -  Infinite Livez