The artists descibes his music as kind of trip-hop & electronica, ideal to listen to late at night (and that's exactly what I am doing while writing this).

  1. Under Circular Sky (3:29)
  2. Demystify (3:57)
  3. Little Sparkling Things (3:30) [original concept Ed Clark & Paul Child 2002]
  4. French Marmalade (2:48)
  5. Prelude to a Spaceflight (interlude) (0:56)
  6. Watching Dawn in the Secret Garden (3:40)
Length: 18:20 minutes

Note: All tracks written, performed & produced by Ed Clark using: electric, acoustic & bass guitars, analogue synth, shaker, bell, samples & a mac. All tracks recorded between Dec 03 & Sept 04 @ Minting Lincs, & Norwich.

Visit the The Calico Sequence website, download and listen to this EP!