C64 OrchestraFriday 23 September 2006 was the world premiere of C64 Orchestra: a 12 member classical collective playing vintage Commodore 64 game music of two of the godfathers of the C64 game music: Rob Hubbard and Jeroen Tel.

Coldcut return with the first single from their stunning forthcoming album, "Sound Mirrors" and it's a Hunter S Thompson of a tune (by which we mean larger than life, not quite sane and quite possibly dangerous). "Everything Is Under Control" is a brutal, low-slung hybrid hip hop rock monster, featuring special guests Jon Spencer (of "Blues Explosion" fame) and Mike Ladd.

Again Ninja Tune released some new material, here you can listen to audio streams of:
  • Dwight Trible - Love is the Answer
  • Pest - WuJu
  • Treva Whateva - Singalong
  • Keepintime - A Peek In Time produced by Cut Chemist

Intro screen of ArkanoidMost people that played some games at the Commodore 64 know the game Arkanoid. The intro tune, created by Martin Galway sounds fabulous and is one of my favorite C64 Sid tunes.

With Volume 15 Dr. Skunkenstein added another gemm to his Dub from Outerspace mix series. If you are into electro and don't know the "Dub from Outerspace" mixes yet, volume 15 is not to be missed! You also might enjoy the live radio show from the Southampton (UK) based dj producer Dr. Skunkenstein which is broadcasted every Sunday night at GlobalFunkRadio.

The Generals is a full-rhymer tag team who make up for what they lack in sanity with pure chops. 'The Generals' is the first course from a new Herbaliser album that promises to bite back... It's an album that shows that the Herbaliser have lost none of their appetite for the fray, or for the constant self-improvement which has made them one of the UK's most consistent hip hop production teams of the last decade.

Taken from the album 'What We Mus't on Ninja Tune, below you will find all the 'direct to file' hyperlinks for the video streams of 'All I Know Is Tonight' by Jaga Jazzist, in both Real Audio & Windows Media.

Nery BauerNery Bauer just got his second 12" released: Maharaja EP [available at tunes.co.uk]. It sounds surprisingly different from his great first very jazz style 10" called Diana by Starlight / Mercado do Porto (floz1001), which was also released on the same record label Fluid Ounce.