Nery Bauer - Maharaja 12" (floz1217)
First I had to get used to this different style Nery Bauer uses on his new record. I really liked the first jazzy10". From the samples on the Fluid Ounce website I knew that his new 12" would be another style. I amNery Bauer - Maharaja 12 glad that I have this record. It takes a different approach: except for the fact that Nery Bauer changed the pure jazz sound into a more experimental groove style, the progression of his new tracks is different. I am very curious how he made this music. Is it from samples or real instruments....

The tracks

This tune has a great drive in it: it's fast. To avoid speeding tickets or accidents, I would recommend NOT playing this while driving a car! I like how the different layers of music interact with each other. It would be very cool to hear this one played on a dancefloor, to see how the crowd would react. It got a nice catchy and mysterious guitar rif in it. [spoiler warning] At first spin I thought it skipped somewhere in the beginning. Nicely done! [/spoiler warning] (mp3 sample of maharaja)

First of all I have to warn you about this track. Please mind your bass and volume level. Or else you will get in trouble with your neighbours' neighbours. Wow what an ultrasubdeepbasssound this track has.... My favourite moment of this track is when the rock rhythm kicks in. The drum rhythm is very intense. Do not play this track if you are afraid to have a tune in your head for at least a week. (mp3 sample of blepharospasm)

This track differs from the other two: at first its sound is less complex and more cheerful in ska style and 70s film music. Later on you will hear that this tune is as complex as the others. It has different sound layers together with a slightly changing rhythm. I especially like the sound of the drum rhythm. All in all: nice groove and dreamy ending. (mp3 sample of transformnin)

Release date: May 2005
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