My Trading rules:

Trading status: due to lack of time, currently not trading.

  • I do not sell Bootlegs
    the list is for trading purposes only.
  • Items
    No MP3 source converted to CD, be honest in your grading
  • Media
    Only CDR trading, only Brand CDRs (personally I use TDK CDR-80)
  • Recording
    record Disk At Once (DOA) & record at 4 speed max.
  • Shipping
    no Jewel Cases, I use envelope with air-bubbles (Bubble Cushioned Mailer)
  • Artwork
    no Artwork with CDRs, when available I send Artwork via e-mail or it's available at my webpage, Track listings available at my webpage or via e-mail.

You can also take a look at my References page.

Source of material:

  • SBD = Soundboard Rec.
  • Aud = Audience Rec.
  • FM = FM broadcast
  • TV = TV broadcast
  • Web = Webcast
  • MP3 = MP3 source