From the Human Workshop site

"The making of this CD was a final graduation project for the "High School of Arts" (Hoge School voor de Kunsten) located in Hilversum, The Netherlands. BASIC, Remus and Leisure-B all got their diplomas now, and the sale is going smooth.

The idea for the CD first came up in the summer of 2003 when the the three of us needed to pick new projects for the coming semester. Having worked together before, we decided that it would be a good idea to make a compilation CD, forging all our different composing styles into one big timeline of entertainment.

One of our latest projects at that time was the "Snoezel CD" (music for mentally and phisically disabled people to relax on) in which we worked with special ways of inluencing people's time perception. We applied that technique in the current CD so that listeners do not get bored or tired from repeated melodies or boring variations.

But besides all the technical stuff, it's just one funky piece of work that you need to have checked, just to stay up to date. We have found the nicest samples and the smoothest drum tracks just for soothing your ears, so what 'ya waitin' for? Listen to it right now. "