Record RackBuild your own Record Rack (DIY Vinyl Display)... in 6 steps...

On the right you can see my record rack (own design & self made) with some nice record sleeves. The records can be taken out of the rack very easily for playing purposes. The horizontal bars carry the records, the vertical bars keep the records straight.


Again some 10" records, this time all Classical Music:
  • Masters of Music - Weber / Wagner
  • R. Schuman - Symphony No.1 in B flat major Op. 38 "Spring"
  • Masters of Music - Debussy / Bizet

  • Mr. M. Rakieb Wagid Hosain - Romantic Qawali's (I bet that this man from Paramaribo Surinam has the best intensions. However the 1984s cover, combined with a 1980s synthesizer & his voice does not make it sound like some great Indian records I have.)

This week some more 10" records:
  • Johan Strauss - Der Zigeunerbaron
  • Operetta Jewels
  • Opera For The Millions 1

Yes, I had a Movie Soundtrack theme before, but in the mean time i found some new ones. Therefore, a reprise with some new ones:

  • Caravans (1978)
  • The Trial of Billy Jack (1974)
  • Moses [Ennio Morricone] (1975)

Soft Cell - The Art of Falling Apart (I like their Tainted Love which is not on this record. This LP is depressing)
Timex Social Club - Visious Rumors The Album (I liked their 1986s hit Rumors, but I will not keep this record because I like just one track).
Pointer Sisters - Energy (the 1978 track "Happiness" sounds alright, so does the Bruce Springsteen cover "Fire". However to keep a record, I must like most tracks a lot, or if just one, very much. Which was not the case here).

because it was made for 12" LPs, not for 10" records... Fortunatelly it can hold those as well :-)

Except for the Pink Elephant compilation LP, again all this week's "babe cover" records are bad: most are of the worst muzak tradition.