Cat Stevens - Buddha and the Chocolate Box (The record cover looks intereguing, and that's why I bought the LP. I did not like this very much, it doesn't sound anywhere like his well known track "Morning had Broken").
Golden Avatar - A Change of Heart (See it's neighbouring record's description (the Cat Stevens one): this Michael Cassidy record looked intreguing as well, but appeared to be a boring record IMHO).
La Bamba Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (there's no artist mentioned on the front cover, it should have said Los Lobos, they did most of the tracks. Not my cup of tea).

New Beat - Take 1 (New Beat was a very popular House variant in the early 1990s. This record was one of the couple I bought on a Belgium Holiday, and the only one I regret :-)
Spargo - Go (Their 1980s hit in the Netherlands "You and Me" is nostalgia for me, it isn't on this LP, so this LP isn't).
Best Discodance Hits - 12" versions (Everlyn Thomas - High Energy is the only well known & decent one, but have that already on another compilation)