Hit Parade '70 (this record has some great tracks, but it's a MFP, Music For Pleasure, LP. That company is known for saving on royalties by re-recording tracks with other then the original artists. The versions on this record suck majorly),
Caravelli - Tangos
Peter Kreuders - Musikalischer Cocktail

How Pink are Those Elephants over there (Compilation LP on the Pink Elephant record label: Shocking Blue, Jeronimo, Kool and The Gang, and some others)
Zestien Sappige Zomersongs ("16 Juicy Summer Songs", a dutch compilation record from 1975 with a girl on the cover that looks very much like Katja Schuurman, a famous dutch actress. )
The Kilima Hawaiians - Rhythm of the Islands

Han Tromp Orchestra & Singers - 24 top hits à gogo
Terry Brace & the T. Brass - Trumpet à gogo
Teddy Vendor en zijn Ritmisch Ensemble - Piano Cocktail in Moderne Stijl