{youtube}8JlggiZmWz0{/youtube}Thursday 5 October 2006 Amon Tobin visited Groningen (The Netherlands), and so did I. In a club called Simplon he did a marvelous dj set.

I thought to recognize some samples from the Forthcoming album (trailer#1) at MySpace. He used some samples of Verbal, which were used in very low speed. Furthermore he seemed to use a lot of layers of his own tracks, mashed up with other people's tracks.

The athmosphere was great: Thursday night is probably the students night in Groningen. It was very crowded, most people seemed to be students. The hall's capacity is 400 people and the gig was sold out. The crowd was very enthousiastic, most people were dancing. Amon seemed to enjoy the gig, and he kept on playing for 1,5 hours. It would be great if any live recording of this set surfaced...

The support act, Yorobi, was wicked too: a female dj from Groningen who got the crowd dancing before Amon Tobin started, and kept them dancing after the gig with a smashing drum and bass dj set. 

And for me personally it was well worth the 225 Km (single) drive to Groningen (there and back 5 hours by car).
(PS: Thanks for informing me, David!)