Recently an untitled track by Amon Tobin and Michael Shrieve was used by Amon Tobin in a guestmix at XFM Rinse (see tracklist Guest Mix XFM Rinse 13-02-2005). The title of this track could be Oracle or could be another unknown track.

Oracle is the name of a track by Michael Shrieve/Amon Tobin currently only available on iTunes US (only for people from the US and for $ 0.99) and apparently at (however, I cannot find it there). Both the US and Canadian stores have the exclusive Amon Tobin and Michael Shrieve collaboration 'Oracle' available now. Here's the <link> but you'll need iTunes to visit the page. A preview can be heard by anyone from any location who have iTunes installed (can anyone with iTunes confirm if it is the same track, or another one, as the one used in the XFM Rinse guest mix from 13 February 2005?).

Amon Tobin & Michael Shrieve - The Oracle (4:31) [can someone inform me about the exact name it is listed at iTunes)

In a 2000 interview in Amon Tobin said: "Michael Shrieve, who is Santana's original drummer, has also been in touch recently and he's been talking about doing something early next year."

Now, a couple of years later, Michael Shrieve and Amon Tobin finally teamed up and made two tracks (Oracle is one of those) that might be available in the future. There is a rumour about a kind of mini-LP / EP project with collaborations from Amon Tobin with a few different drummers.

The future release of the project was delayed because Tobin first had to finish the Splinter Cell release. A major setback for the project is that one of the collaborating drummers has died.

The project is still unfinished and there is no decision about a release name yet. The individual collaboration tracks might be released on collaborator's labels. Hopefully (and maybe) the project will be released on Ninja Tune (just like the collab EP "Verbal Remixes and Collaborations" was).