Old layout website After 1,5 years it was time to restyle the pe7er.com website. You are currently looking at the new style.

I hope that you like it...

The European ministers of Justice and the European Commission want to keep all telephone and internet traffic data of all 450 million Europeans. If you are concerned about this plan, please sign the petition.

That is, the core development team, responsible for the award winning and worldwide mostly used Content Management System Mambo has announced the new name for the project: Joomla!.

"The developer team for Mambo, [ the content management system I use for this site, pe7er], has left the project over a dispute with Miro, the copyright owner. Seems Miro setup the Mambo Foundation in a much different way than the developers expected." An open letter can be read at: opensourcematters.org

I just finished creating a new layout for this site. I hope that you like it. It still needs some fine tuning, so it might change somewhat in the next few days. Hopefully you'll still find your way in this site :-)

Thanks for visiting, Pe7er
FORUMINIATURES is a new project by Flywheel for users of the Ninjatune forum to get involved with and generally be distracted by. Basically, you have to create a piece of audio between 30 and 60 seconds in length.

Last November I went to DJ Food, Diplo & Mr. Scruff in De Melkweg, Amsterdam. The following photo's were made by a friend of mine. He photographs for a dutch music website so hopefully there will be more photos + a (dutch) review....
(a couple of weeks later I went again to The Melkweg, this time for Hexstatic, unfortunatelly no photo's for that)