PJ Harvey - Live in NL
(home made CDR) + Unreleased Track "This is Mine"

1. Rope Bridge Crossing
2. City Of No Sun
3. Urn With Dead Flowers In A Drained Pool
4. Civil War Correspondent
5. Taut
6. Dance Hall At Louse Point
7. Un Cercle Autour Du Soleil
8. Losing Ground
9. Heela
10. Is That All There Is? 

11. Taut
12. Electric Light
13. The Wind
14. Missed
15. Highway '61 Revisited
16. Snake
17. The Sky Lit Up

18. This is Mine

CDR Compilation of two live performances and an unreleased track
Track 1-10: John Parish and Polly Jean Harvey live in Studio Amstel, Amsterdam, 30 October 1996. Radio Performance with Audience, Broadcasted by VPRO Radio 3.
Track 11-17: Live at Leidsekade Live, 6 February 1999. Broadcasted by KRO Radio 3.
Track 18: Rare unreleased Track From the Movie "Stella Does Tricks" (VHS available in the UK only, BFIV031). 'This Is Mine' was played during End Credits. No soundtrack has been released in any territory. Recording from FM radio broadcasts (74:06 min.)
 cover available