PJ Harvey - To Bring You My Love & B-Sides CD
Rare Official CD, includes B Sides CD)

Tracklist CD 1: To Bring Yo My Love CD
1. To Bring Yo My Love
2. Meet Ze Monsta
3. Working For The Man
4. C'mon Billy
5. Teclo
6. Long Snake Moan
7. Down By The Water
8. I Think I'm A Mother
9. Send His Love To Me
10. The Dancer

Tracklist CD 2: B-Sides CD
1. Reeling
2. Daddy
3. Lying In The Sun
4. Somebody's Down, Somebody's Name
5. Darling Be There
6. Maniac
7. One Time Too Many
8. Harder
9. Goodnight

Official release, Limited Edition 2CD Set, includes B-Sides CD. This item is a VERY RARE Official Limited Edition 2CD Set. It's like the To Bring You My Love CD but it includes an extra B-Sides CD. It was released in 1995 only in Europe, and only 5000 CDs.