PJ Harvey - Build Me A Woman
various early appearances, incl. the leeds '92 festival

1. Ecstasy
2. O Stella
3. Dress
4. Highway 61 Revisited
5. Sheela Na Gig
6. Man-Sized
7. Highway 61 Revisisted
8. Hair
9. Victory
10. Sheela Na Gig
11. Water 12. Oh, My Lover
13. O Stella
14. Dress
15. Dry
16. Hair
17. Joe
18. Victory
19. Man-Sized
20. Me-Jane
21. Rub 'Til It Bleeds
22. Water

CD on Kiss the Stone (KTS 186). Recorded from two concerts; the first twelve tracks are from the soundboard, and the rest are from the audience or a different show, giving the disk a sharp distinction in quality. It is a picture disc of Polly holding her guitar and singing into the microphone. Booklet includes a few good pictures and some interesting liner notes.