2000-05-13 Live in Fox Theatre, Boulder, Colorado, USA
Mix Session,
Date: 13-05-00
Quality B-
Lenght: 49:39
'Meals on Wheels of Steel' tour

Setlisting has still to be determened...

Mix Session, Date: 13-05-00, Quality B-, Lenght: 49:39
'Meals on Wheels of Steel' tour
Notes: DJ session ends with male DJ announcement: "We warned you, that's Mr Amon Tobin right there, thank you, thank you very much for tonight Boulder, you guys have been a lovely audience, one I have to e-mail my mom about for sure, mind if I play one of my favorite songs from my childhood right now?, It's good co-check(?) music if you know what I mean, so this one goes way back to my rememoring, I'll hope you enjoy..."
and female DJ announcement: "That was our live webcast there from Kid Koala and from Amon Tobin, a wonderful evening of entertainment from two very very talented people. Thanks for tuning in with us this evening, and I just want to let you know that we many many concerts to come over the summer, and continuing on. So check back to Freeform.gogaga.com for the best web casts on the net..."