TaxidermiaAmon Tobin composed the music for the Hungarian movie Taxidermia. He is credited ("Original Music by Amon Tobin") by IMDB. Three movie clips are available.  

Taxidermia is an art house movie, released in February 2006. It is a story about a family. "The literary definition refers to the kind of story of a family which Thomas Mann created: three generations - grandfather, father, son - integrate the world. The grandfather bases the family, he starts the world (progenitor). His son, the father takes the family to the top so that the son would waste the values obtained with difficulties while he puts down the past, makes it a whole, raises it to a level of different value. In Taxidermia the son's scale of values, this very strong subjectivity turns the classical story of a family upside down and adds some wonders to it making the stories straight with the not everyday position of the perspective." [source ]

Taxidermia was directred by György Pálfi. The script is based on some stories of the popular contemporary Hungarian writer, Parti Nagy Lajos.

Three movieclips are available at YouTube:

Amon Tobin - Bathtub

Amon Tobin - The Taxidermist

Amon Tobin - Exhibit