FutureMusic magazine FM163, July 2005FutureMusic interview of Amon Tobin during his sound check prior the 5.1 gig at Mean Fiddler in London (4 May 2005). He talks about working on Splinter Cell, surround sound methods, and CD turntables. Plus, there's also exclusive live footage from the show. This movie / interview was included on a DVD with the (FM163, July 2005) edition of the FutureMusic magazine.

File: Amon2.mov (QuickTime Movie)
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Lenght: 7:12 minutes

Interview before? the Mean Fidler gig, with video of the Mean Fiddler gig.
4/05/05 Mean Fiddler, London, UK
Amon Tobin 5.1 surround sound DJ set'

Interview: FutureMusic
Live Footage: Faction Films (Dom Phillips)
Music: Amon Tobin, Ninja Tune