This factory pressed CD pretends to be an 'official' release. One (not even close!) look at the artwork should warn you that it is in fact a pirate copy of Amon Tobin's work. Do not buy this CD. All tracks can easily be obtained via official releases.

1. Escape [Permutation]
2. Mission [Bricolage]
3. Reanimator [Permutation]
4. Chocolate Lovely [Supermodified]
5. 4 Ton Mantis [Supermodified]
6. Bad Sex (feat. Chris Morris) [Xen Cuts]
7. People Like Frank [Permutation]
8. Creatures (Hidden Agenda defocussed mix) [Chomp Samba EP]
9. Chomp Samba [Bricolage]
10. Sordid [Permutation]
11. Down & To The Left [Xen Cuts]
12. One Day In My Garden [Bricolage]
13. Stoney Street [Bricolage]

Note: The sleeve mistakenly states Track 8 to be "Creatures" but it is in fact the 6:18 minutes version "Creatures (Hidden Agenda defocussed mix)" that appeared at the Chomp Samba EP.

This pirate copy appeared somewhere in 2003 and does not even deserve the label "bootleg" because it is a cheap ripoff without any unreleased material. It is available in / from Russia. NOT worth buying!

The saddest thing is that the sleeve says:
"All rights of the producer and of the owner of the recorded work reserved. Unauthorized copying, public performance, broadcasting, hiring or rental of this recording prohibited." and "(c) 2003 Delta Records".

All full official Amon Tobin releases are published by Ninja Tune (for the Amon Tobin releases) and the now defunct Ninebar Records (for the Cujo releases), not by an imaginary record label called "Delta Records".

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