July 2002    
"Transmutator" - Amon Tobin [BOGUS release]

01. Back From Space
02. Defect 2: Curiosidade (Amon Tobin Remix)
03. Daytrip
04. Proper Hoodidge
06. Chronic Tronic
07. Pick Up the Pieces of Saturn [Mosh Mix] - Amon Tobin
08. Cirrhosis of The Heart [Amon Tobin mix]
09. El Wraith
10. Hip Wagging Foot Shuffling (Amon Tobin Remix)

Note: "Transmutator" is a FAKE compilation CD, appeared around July 2002 on the Internet.

07-02 Transmutator - Amon Tobin (BOGUS release: FAN made Compilation!)
1. Back From Space (4.5 Mb) (mixed by Strictly Kev at Solid Steel part 1, 22-07-02 & 15-07-02, see Solid Steel Archive)
2. Proper Hoodidge (=Defect 2: Curiosidade (Amon Tobin Remix) from the Tom Z? EP called Postmodern Platos)
3. Curioslide (=Daytrip from Creatures EP & Chomp Samba EP)
4. Day Trip (4.7 Mb) (=Proper Hoodidge from the new Out From Out Where album)
5. Verbal
6. Chronic Tronic (5.5 Mb)
7. Donga (= Pick Up The Pieces Of Saturn - Amon Tobin (Mosh mix) from the Ponga Remix Album)
8. Cirrosis Of The Heart (= Cirrhosis of The Heart [Amon Tobin mix] from the Foetus CD called Blow)
9. El Ghost (5.5 Mb) (= El Wraith from the new Out From Out Where album)
10. Hip Wagging (4.9 Mb)(= Hip Waggin, Foot Shuffling (Amon Tobin Remix) from the Gak Sato 12" called Hip Wagging, Foot Shuffling RMX)

Note 1: At the Internet a CD can be found under the name "Transmutator", it is NOT the new album! It is a mix of some new tracks from Out From Out Where CD, combined with some old remixes. It is fake and probably a fan made compilation (people from Ninja Tune confirmed that & some track names are incorrectly).