Every week I try to post a photo of my records that are currently in my record rack.

This week, Cujo /Amon Tobin time. In somewhat chronological order from left top to right bottom (however, now I see that I have to switch the Baikonour - Hot Milk EP with the Verbal 12")....

What can I say about folk records from South America? Some are great, some aren't. Most of the ones in my rack are from the first category.

It's a new week again, so time for a new theme. This week it's Bollywood. 8 records in my collection can be considered as Bollywood ones, so 1 too little for a complete rack(therefore I included a middle eastern record).

The current state of my record rack this week:  To continue the theme of last week somewhat, I decided to put up some more records that you will not play at once as background music / noise: some of my sound collection records. Some sounds are so old fashioned and obsolete, like the vintage telephone sounds which sound funny nowadays.

Every week I will post my recordrack on this site. 

This week's theme is: language records. Alright, I smuggled somewhat this week with the theme, the bottom row is a reminder of test & demonstration records. And, ok, the English & Spanish covers are from the same 2LP record that is shown in unfolded state. I liked to have a theme like this, but did not have enough records for it... better luck with the theme for next week... which is... I will see next week...

Every week I try to post the current state of records in my record rack.

I discovered Ninebar records (Or Ninebarecords) via the cujo remix of Bulawayo at the 12" Flavornaughts - Bustin' Outta No-Way Street. There have been released some great records on this now (unfortunately) defunct record label....

This week in my record rack: some Flamenco, Spanish guitar and Merenguez records. Yes, I am aware that those styles are quite different. I did not have enough records from each 'genre' so I had to mingle them a bit.

Every week I try to post a photo of my records that are currently in my record rack.

This week, as you can see, the rack contains some test & demonstration records for record player /stereo set test and adjustment purposes.