My (IMHO) best tracks:

Pluckbuzz v808
It's a tune with pluck instruments from Jeskola Buzz together with a 808 beat. Used Instruments: Geonik's Plucked String (3x), CyanPhase Bass Pluck (1x), Rout 808 and some FX plugins...


Fahrenheit Fair Enough [Pe7eReMix]
This remix of "Telefon Tel Aviv - Fahrenheit Fair Enough" was done for the ninja tune remix comp:, Telefon Tel Aviv site:


Jeff's Wise Words
This track was created with 3 sample sources: a tv comedy, a bassline from a cheesy track at a cheesy LP, and a drum rhythm which I constructed & programmed from samples from a soul record.

TheWife(DeVrouw Remix)
Remix of "The Wife" from daSilva (original can be found at:, done for the The Wife remix comp:

Electro Aliens are changing my Tunes
a very freaky short weird electro 808 style tune.